Woolly Farms Foundation is thrilled to kick off a SUMMER OF FUN for our friends with diverse needs and abilities!

All attendees must be pre-enrolled via the form below and approved prior to attending.
Attendees must be 18 years or older and be able to participate independently with minimal supports. They must also show respect for others, follow reasonable rules and expectations, and not be physically or verbally aggressive. Please read the entire “Participant Criteria” section prior to submitting your participant enrollment form to ensure that your possible participant meets all of the required criteria.

June 7 – 9, 9 AM – 3 PM each day… Art & Garden Week
June 21 – 23, 9 AM – 3 PM each day… Animal Week
July 5 – 7, 9 AM – 3 PM each day… Sport Week
July 19 – 21, 9 AM – 3 PM each day… Water Week

Mammoth Sports Academy
3922 74th St, Meriden, KS 66512

$45 per week
to cover cost of food, supplies & support staff
***Additional field trip fees may apply.***

Respite Evenings:
Parents can go out for an evening while their young adults enjoy dinner and an evening of fun! We are working on finalizing dates and activities. More information coming soon!
*Cost varies depending on activity and meal.

Participant Criteria:
In order to facilitate the goals of the Woolly Farms Foundation, Woolly Farms Foundation requires all participants meet the following criteria:

· Must actively choose to be engaged in the activities and able to participate independently with minimal supports.

· Need to be easily redirected and show respect for camp/workshop supervisors and other students.

· Demonstrate the ability to accept and follow reasonable rules and expectations.

· Not physical or verbally aggressive.

· Free from sexual aggression or sexually inappropriate behavior.

· Able to maintain personal self-care and hygiene independently.

· Demonstrates appropriate communication skills, either through language or a communication device.

Woolly Farms Foundation provides a variety of programming in various settings with minimal staff that are not designed for a one-on-one staff/volunteer to student ratio. Applicants who do not meet the participant criteria will be denied. If an application is accepted and it is later determined that the applicant does not meet the criteria then that applicant will be prohibited from participation in Woolly Farms Foundation programming. Woolly Farms Foundation will strive to make reasonable accommodations whenever possible.

Participant Enrollment Form

Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted in order for the form to go through and be received by the Woolly Farms Foundation. Please visit the link, save the form to your computer before completing it. After filling in the form in its entirety, save it and email to info@woollyfarms.org

Click here to Open the Participant Enrollment Form.

***Please note that if you did not receive a confirmation email with 2 business days after sending the completed form in, email eryn@mammothbuilt.com

Register for Camps

If you have already been accepted to participate or are currently a Woolly Farms member, visit the link below to register for camp! There are a limited amount of spaces available.

Click here to Open the Participant Enrollment Form.