Plans for Woolly Farms Foundation…

In 2020, the Woolly Farms Foundation established 501c3 status; created a weekly workshop for individuals with diverse needs and abilities; and poured $16,000 back into the Jefferson County community.

In 2021, the Woolly Farms Foundation aims to:

Expand Facility Resources

These resources would include adding a projector, computer, new speakers and new windows to the current room at Mammoth Sports Academy where weekly workshops are held.

Build a Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse will provide our members with year-round responsibility and employment. Members will do everything from planting the seeds, to selling the goods produced at Meriden’s local farmer’s market spring through fall. By the end of 2022, our goal is to have a fully operational greenhouse.

Increase Programming

Increase weekly workshops to three or four days each week throughout the summer. This will allow Woolly Farms the chance to provide members with additional opportunities for personal growth, employment placement and relationship skill building.

Increase Participation

In our inaugural year, we had five members from the community join our weekly workshop. In 2021, our goal is to double participation and double our reach. This will double the friendships and skill-building potential of the group.

Increase Work Experience Opportunities

Our goal is to help Woolly Farms’ members build a variety of skills that will allow them to find valuable work experience opportunities in the community and employment opportunities. Members have already job shadowed at Pharm House Coffee, Mammoth Sports Academy and Crèche Academy. We are continually looking for additional job shadowing opportunities in the community.